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Personal Checking

FREE Personal Checking Account

Our FREE Personal Checking Account is offered free of any costly service charges and no minimum balance is ever required once the $100.00 initial opening deposit requirement is met. In addition, you get FREE unlimited check writing and FREE ATM or FREE Visa Debit Card.

Classic Citizens Choice

NOW Account Our Citizens Choice Account is available to our customers age 50 and over. This is a great solution to those who keep the minimum balance of $1000.00 in their account. There are no monthly service charges and you receive unlimited check writing. You receive a FREE ATM or FREE Visa Debit Card and receive FREE checks from our Traditional Line. Other benefits are FREE cashiers checks, FREE Money Orders.

Super NOW Account

Our Super NOW account has a tiered interest rate that allows you to earn more interest as your balance increases. There are no monthly fees as long as a $2500.00 average balance is maintained and you will also receive a FREE ATM or FREE Visa Debit Card. Customers can write up to 20 checks per month at no charge. This account is limited to individuals, non-profits and government entities.

SWEEP Checking Account

Our SWEEP Checking account provides a great way for our customers to protect themselves from overdraft fees. This account provides automatic transfers to your checking account to protect from overdrafts in increments of $100.00. All of our SWEEP Checking Accounts must be tied to a SWEEP Savings Account.

Business Checking

Basic Business Checking

This basic checking account is free from minimum balance requirements and is available to all businesses and organizations. It provides unlimited transactions each month. Some service fees may apply.

Business Super Now Account

This account is available for Sole Proprietors and governmental units only. This account allows for immediate access to funds while earning interest on balances that would normally sit idle. Some service fees may apply.

Business Money Manager Account

This convenient cash management account allows customers who carry higher balances to earn interest on their funds while preserving the convenience of check writing access and Debit Card use. Some service fees may apply.

Business High Yield Money Market Account

This cash management account is for businesses who normally carry balances of $25,000 or higher in their checking and would like to earn a higher rate of interest on idle funds. This account allows for the convenience of check writing and ATM card access. Some service fees may apply.

CSB Debit / ATM Card

Pay as you go by using your Citizens State Bank VISA® Debit Card. It’s fast and easy, and it’s accepted wherever you see the VISA® logo. Your purchases are paid from your checking account, so there’s no bill to pay later. And if you need cash, you can use the “cash back” option that’s available at most merchants.

Check out our School Pride Debit Cards

School Pride Debit Cards

Get the debit card that shows your spirit!

These ultra-cool School Pride Debit Cards from Citizens State Bank let everyone know who you root for. Each eye-catching card reinforces the pride you have in your community and your favorite school. Not only will they look great in your wallet, but Citizens State Bank will donate all the proceeds from the purchase of the cards directly back to your favorite school.

Getting one is easy! If you already have a checking account with Citizens State Bank, just stop in and tell a bank representative that you would like one of the four School Pride Debit Cards shown on the right. If you don’t have an account at Citizens State Bank yet, now is the perfect time to open any one of our many checking accounts designed to meet your needs. Always remember, Citizens State Bank debit cards can be used anywhere you see the VISA® logo displayed. 

Stop by and see a bank representative at any of our three convenient locations for more details or to order your card today. Good for your wallet. Good for your community. Good for your school. Any way you look at it, the School Pride Debit Card from Citizens State Bank is definitely a winner.

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