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2013 December Newsletter



Pearl City Road roundabout open to traffic

Excellent news for our Freeport customers: the Pearl City Road roundabout is officially open to traffic!

As mentioned on our Facebook page, the barricades were removed December 2nd, and traffic is now moving through the roundabout. However, the project is not yet complete; the city and its contractors still need to finish some construction and the landscaping on and around the roundabout. That work is scheduled to continue through the spring and early summer, with crews hoping to wrap everything up by July 2014.

If you've never driven through a roundabout before, you may want to review this online brochure to familiarize yourself with how they work. While they may seem confusing at first, numerous studies have shown that roundabouts increase safety for both drivers and pedestrians while reducing traffic congestion.

For further updates on the Pearl City Road roundabout project, visit the City of Freeport website at (scroll down until you come to the headline “Pearl City Road - Kiwanis Drive Roundabout”). You can also call us directly at the Freeport location and we’ll be happy to fill you in and answer your questions as best we can: (815) 801-4524.


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