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2012 Winter Newsletter

State of the Bank 2011

Phishing Scams

Avoid Getting Caught Up In Phishing Scams

Citizens State Bank is warning consumers not to fall victim to phishing scams. Phishing is a new twist on an old telemarketing scam, but uses email. These criminals send emails to millions of people hoping that even a few will give away valuable information.

To avoid becoming the victim of a phishing scam we offer the following tips:

Never give out your personal or financial

information in response to an unsolicited phone call, fax or email, no matter how official it may seem.

Do not respond to email that may warn of dire

consequences unless you validate your information immediately.  Contact the company to confirm the email’s validity using a telephone number or Web address you know to be genuine.

Check your credit card and bank account statements regularly and look for unauthorized transactions,

even small ones.  Some thieves hope small transactions will go unnoticed.  Report discrepancies immediately.

When submitting financial information online, look for the padlock or key icon at the bottom of your

Internet browser. Most secure Internet addresses, though not all, use “https”.

Report suspicious activity to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the FBI and

the National White Collar Crime Center.

If you have responded to an email, contact your bank immediately so they can protect your account

and your identity.

Consider purchasing a security token to further enhance the protection of your account. Tokens can

be purchased by customers for a nominal charge.

For more information on phishing scams and how best to avoid falling victim to them, visit the following websites: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at, the Anti-Phishing Working Group at, the National Consumers League at, and the OCC Consumer Protection News and OCC Consumer Complaints and Assistance webpages at

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