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2012 Winter Newsletter

State of the Bank 2011

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State of the Bank 2011

By: Fritz Kuhlmeier - President, Citizens State Bank

On behalf of our directors, officers, and employees, I am proud to announce that our CSB 2011 operating results were slightly improved over 2010. We view this as a very positive accomplishment due to the continuing economic weakness in our Northwest Illinois market area.

As you well know, employment remains weak, and real estate values continue to soften in commercial and residential arenas. Our bank’s strong area continues to be our heavy involvement in Agriculture, which in 2011 continued to see historically high levels of profitability, as well as high real estate values. Be assured, we are constantly monitoring those trends, in the hopes that we can avoid falling victim to any potential collapses in commodity and land prices.

Our bank continues to search for opportunity amid consumer needs. As a result, we rolled out a new mobile banking platform this year, which will allow customers to access banking services not only with their smartphones, but also with phones that have a texting feature. It is only natural that we would provide this innovative resource – after all, we pride ourselves in meeting our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Additionally, in April we will be offering School Pride Debit Cards in partnership with several of our local school districts. These cards will allow our account holders to proudly support their local schools, while also generating a donation to each participating for their support.

With a strategic plan to remain an Independent Community Bank, we will continue to develop and implement new innovations as they become relevant and prudently cost effective. Please contact one of our Officers or Customer Service Representatives should you be interested in one of these new products.

We look forward to fulfilling your financial needs in a community banking environment as we remain confident, courteous, and close by!

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